Remove VideoBlend on Mac Effectively and Avoid Further Issues

It has been a popular issue for people being unable to remove VideoBlend on the Mac, so is it really difficult to get rid of the app under OS X? The answer will be totally different for the different removing methods people use to perform the removal. So, here, let’s see what’s the effective and […]

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Published on September 13, 2016

Cannot Remove Handbrake? Try the Way Below

Is it difficult to uninstall a program on computer? No, but it also could be a problem for some people to remove HandBrake on Mac? So maybe the proper and effective way to get rid of this app is very necessary for them. If you don’t want any file being left behind on the computer […]

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Published on July 12, 2016

Completely Uninstall 5kplayer under Mac OS X with Easy Steps

No satisfied with the 5kplayer on your Mac? Do you want to uninstall 5kplayer but have no idea to remove it? To resolve the program removal on PC, it is recommended to try the following methods and suggested tool to delete it on your Mac.

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Published on July 4, 2016

Can’t Uninstall Winamp on Mac? Check the Tech Support Here

Winamp application for Mac sometimes could be a hot issue for some people, because it is hard to remove it effectively on the computer? So is there any way can uninstall Winamp on Mac smoothly? I will answer this question and show you the right removal way here to help you erase it on your […]

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Published on June 21, 2016

Remove Phone to Mac in A Quick and Complete Way

Do you have any problem when try to remove Phone to Mac on your Mac? You may need to known that some problems would disrupt the program removal and cause unable to be removed effectively on the PC, so it is important to make clear about the program and its the right way to uninstall […]

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Published on June 19, 2016

How can Uninstall NicePlayer From Mac – Choose An Effective Removal

Encountering a problem to uninstall NicePlayer often make people mad or frustrated, especially when they think that it is just as easy as removing any file or application on the Mac. If you haven’t been stuck this removing problem, you will feel happy and lucky to see find this post, if you had tried to […]

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Published on June 14, 2016

How to Uninstall Kodi on Mac and Clean Its Add-ons and Caches

How uninstall Kodi effectively on Mac? How can fully clean its add-ons and caches? This post is for the people who get some problems of removing this application on their Mac computers, so, bear up, you will be able to remove Kodi with this post.    

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Published on June 12, 2016

Remove VLC Media Player Instructions for Mac OS X

It has been a problem for many people to remove VLC Media Player on their Macs, so is it really hard to remove it on the computer? What makes it difficult to be removed on the Mac? This post will give you all of answers you need.

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Published on May 17, 2016

Uninstall Flip Player for Mac – Mac Player Removal

Removing a player application on Mac sometimes is a hot potato for the people, and how to uninstall Flip Player becomes a very common problem for many Mac users, so what the difficulty to get rid of the program? And is there any effective way to uninstall it well? We will troubleshoot these problems here.

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Published on May 15, 2016

How to Remove MacTubes under Mac OS X

MacTubes is a Mac application that allows the people to download and watch YouTube videos directly, and people can search and access to a specific video without using the Internet browser, but there are many people now encountering some problems of using the app, and they need to remove MacTubes for solving these problems. So […]

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Published on May 13, 2016

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