> Facebook Blocking Ads From Pages That Share Fake News

Facebook Blocking Ads From Pages That Share Fake News

Published on December 19, 2017

In order to avoid fake news and false stories on the social platform, Facebook has been set out rules for prohibiting the advertisers to run ads that link to false stories, and now, it takes a step further in this issue, and will penalized those web sites and pages which repeatedly spreading fake news and viral hoaxes on this social platform.


Facebook made an announcement at the end of August that it will take new measure to block the fake news and content on their website, more specifically, the company will invite the third-party fact-checking organizations to checking the Facebook page, if there is a page being found that repeatedly sharing or spreading false news and stories, it will penalize offenders from advertising on Facebook.

Satwik Shukla, Tessa Lyons, both are Product Managers of Facebook, posted a news on Facebook and said:

“Over the past year we have taken several steps to reduce false news and hoaxes on Facebook. Currently, we do not allow advertisers to run ads that link to stories that have been marked false by third-party fact-checking organizations. Now we are taking an additional step. If Pages repeatedly share stories marked as false, these repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to advertise on Facebook.”

Recently, Facebook is always facing a big challenge for fighting against the fake news and stories on their sites, for the safe online, we should be very careful when intend to open an unknown external link or website.

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