> How can Uninstall K9 Web Protection in A Right Way on the Mac

How can Uninstall K9 Web Protection in A Right Way on the Mac

Published on December 19, 2017

Do you have K9 Web Protection installed on your Mac but now want to remove it? Is your removing result not so optimistic or luck enough to totally and smoothly remove it on the computer? It’s been a hot issue for the people to uninstall K9 Web Protection on their Mac computers, so maybe it is necessary to introduce the effective way to remove the application here.

uninstall K9 Web Protection


App description

K9 Web Protection is a preference pane website filtering software, it is often used for Parental Control and Internet filtering, and the parents can protect their children online from those unhealthy websites. To enjoy the application on the Mac, you should have a specific account of K9 and set the private protection configurations through its official, so, please keep your K9 account and password well, which is also necessary when you need to uninstall K9 Web Protection on the computer.

Encounter a problem to remove K9 Web Protection?

Although app removal is always regarded as one of the most common and easiest job on the computer, it is often a hassle for the people to remove K9 on the computer, and the big troubles of uninstalling the app usually come from:

  • Users forget their K9 Web Protection’s password so that the app cannot be stopped on the browser and uninstall on the Mac
  • K9 Web Protection cannot be removed on the computer, nothing happen when try to drag it to the Trash
  • K9 Web Protection cannot be uninstalled completely, although the installed package has been removed, K9’s associated website continue to display when surfing online with web browser

As these are all the facts and common issues of K9 Web Protection removal, you check the removal method you take, and follow the correct instructions to remove it on the computer.

Specific how-to guides to uninstall K9 Web Protection on Mac

Remove with manual approach

There are three stages of manual removal for the K9 Web Protection, please make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Firstly – Stop the running of K9 Web Protection on your Mac

  • Right-click on the program on Dock, click on Quit to disable the program
  • If it is probably running at the background, please click on Go >>> Utility >>> double click to open Activity Monitor


  • Locate the K9 Web Protection process on the list, click on Quick Process icon on the head menu

Secondly – Remove K9 Web Protection process

  • Make sure you log-in the OS X as administrator
  • Click on the Apple button at the top left corner, and select System Preferences


  • Move your sight to the “Other” section at the bottom, and you will find the K9 Web Protection icon there
  • Click on the app icon, and click on Uninstall
  • Enter your K9 Web Protection’s password when it is required
  • Wait for the complete of uninstallation, after then, you will get a message which states that the K9 has been successfully uninstalled(if you forget your password, please make use of the “forgot password” link to reset your password)

Thirdly – Clean all of its files which still remain on your Mac

  • Click on Go, select to open Library folder
  • Or you can click on Go to Folder… item, and type specific location of it in the box, the common location is: ~/Library/, if you can find it on the list, please just click to open it directly



  • Open Preferences folder, and clean K9 Web Protection associated files inside


  • Go to Application Support folder on the Library, delete K9 Web Protection’s files, generally with the program’s name

Application Support

  • Similarly, go to Caches folder on the Library, have a check and delete K9 Web Protection’s files inside


Uninstall K9 Web Protection with a sophisticated removal tool

If you are unwilling to perform the time-consuming manual removal, or are afraid of making any removing error on the Mac, it is suggested to remove K9 in a faster and smarter way: taking a good uninstaller to help you uninstall K9 Web Protection, through which you can skip the complicated and annoying manual removal.

and MacKeeper is the reputable utility that contains the smart uninstaller, which provides the automatic and completely removal for the unwanted installed app.

  • Open MacKeeper on your Mac, click on ADVANCED TOOLS if you cannot find the uninstall utility on the left pane
  • Click on Smart Uninstaller on the list, and you will see all the application installed on your Mac, if the programs do not reveal completely, please click on Scan button to refresh the list.


  • Select K9 Web Protection on the box, make sure you select all of associated components it present to you
  • Click on the Remove button at the bottom to uninstall K9 Web Protection


  • Done! The program has been removed completely on your Mac


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