> How to Uninstall Flashback Removal Tool When You Don’t Need It

How to Uninstall Flashback Removal Tool When You Don’t Need It

Published on December 19, 2017

Is Flashback Removal Tool on your Mac not useful for you now? Or you have some other considerations that want to uninstall it on the computer? Flashback Removal Tool provided by F-Secure is a specific security program for removing the widespread Flashback malware and trojans on the Mac computer. To uninstall Flashback Removal Tool from Mac OS X, we can provide the most professional and effective way for you .

uninstall Flashback Removal Tool


About Flashback Removal Tool — a specific security utility that specially used to prevent the Flashback virus on Mac, through the publisher’s description, this application is able to quarantine the infection into an encrypted ZIP file when there is such a virus detected on the computer, and the ZIP is encrypted with the password ‘infected’, which is easy to be distinguished and removed from the Mac by the user.

Situations you may uninstall Flashback Removal Tool

  • The program is just mistakenly installed on the computer
  • The application cannot help you to remove infected flashback virus
  • Flashback Removal Tool encounters a problem and need to be reinstalled
  • Unknown error or issue cause the program cannot be used on the Mac

Common causes for the unsuccessful removal

  • Flashback Removal Tool cannot be removed in the Trash, app always bounds back without any reason
  • People don’t know how to perform the removal on Mac OS X
  • Associated files and preferences of Flashback Removal Tool always cannot be cleaned well with the app’s installed package

Before remove Flashback Removal Tool, you should:

  • Totally stop and disable the application on your Mac computer
  • Make sure you log in the computer as administrator
  • Choose a right way to remove the app completely

Uninstall Flashback Removal Tool with proper instructions

Manual removal instructions – apply the Mac’s removing feature

macOS allows the user to remove an unwanted item via trashing it to the Trash, when you choose to uninstall an application like Flashback Removal Tool in this way, you should stop it running on the computer beforehand, and choose to drag its icon from the Applications folder to the Trash, after that you also need to clean all of other files and preferences of the application to the Trash well.

Step 1: click on Go on the top menu, select Application
Find Flashback Removal Tool in the folder, and drag it to the Trash

Step 2: If you find the program still display on your Launchpad, you can take this way to delete it – only for Mac App Store apps. (if you do not have this problem, please to to the 3 step)
Open Launchpad, hold down the Option key, then the icons will start jiggling
Click on the “X” at the top left corner of the application’s icon


Step 3: delete its associated files leaving on your Mac
When you drag an application to the Trash, its preferences, caches and logs still remain on your hard drive. you should delete all of these items to achieve a complete removal.

  • Click on Go again, and select Library, if you can’t find it on the sub-menu, please click on Go  to Folder…


  • Enter the specific directory of the Library folder: ~/Library/


  • Click on Application Support folder, delete Flashback Removal Tool associated files inside

Application Support

  • Back to the Library folder, and click on Caches, delete all the related caches
  • Click to open Preferences on Library either, and remove those preferences of Flashback Removal Tool


  • Empty Trash

Empty Trash

It is for sure that if you want to uninstall Flashback Removal Tool completely in this manual way, you should spend a lot of time on finding and removing the related components located in different places on the computer. And it is also very easy to leave some files behind that cannot be deleted effectively. So, if you wonder a way to make the app removal easier and more effective, my advice is to apply a good uninstall utility.


Automatic removal instructions – uninstall Flashback Removal Tool with reliable removal utility

Professional Mac app removal tool is a type of special utility for removing the installed applications under OS X, it is currently the most effective removal way to removed those unwanted applications on the Mac, because it can complete all of removing jobs and enable the people to finish an app removal in a short time.

Still have no idea about the uninstall Flashback Removal Tool? MacKeeper provides a smart uninstaller that can help you to remove the application quickly and thoroughly on your Mac, and here are the specific removing steps and instructions:

  • Click on Launchpad icon, and click to open MacKeeper on the Mac
  • Expand the menu of ADVANCED TOOLS, click Smart Uninstaller
  • Click on Scan/Start Scan at the bottom to let the MacKeeper to check all the installed applications on your Mac


  • Select the checkbox beside Flashback Removal Tool, and all of related files and folders will be displayed on the right side
  • Click on Remove button, and select Remove All to completely uninstall Flashback Removal Tool



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