> Instructions to Remove Folx on Mac – App Uninstall Guides on OS X

Instructions to Remove Folx on Mac – App Uninstall Guides on OS X

Published on December 20, 2017

Uninstall instructions for Folx on Mac, professional guides here can tell you how can remove Folx under OS X, and troublesome the removing problems commonly occurred during the uninstallation.


Folx for Mac is a download manager and download accelerator for Mac, it can be used for free to download the file, program or media you like from the Internet. For some reasons like the program should be re-installed or you don’t like it at all, you should uninstall it firstly on the computer, but the point is many people doing not know how to remove Folx on the computer, or the app removal encounters some issues which are far beyond their abilities. So, no matter what’s the reason for the app removal, the following content about how to uninstall Folx effectively will be a very important or useful resource for you.


The biggest problem of removing removal: incomplete removal

According to many people’s experiences of removing this app, most of them have one common issue, which is the app always cannot be removed completely on computer. And the incomplete removal is often exposed when people try to download something online after remove the app, an error message about Folx like “Folx cannot be found” will display on the screen or the option of “Download selected with Folx & Download All With Folx” will be available.

In order to avoid the incomplete removal of Folx, it is important to take a proper and thorough way to perform the Folx uninstall on your Mac.

How to resolve the problems and remove Folx thoroughly

Recommend: apply an advanced uninstall tool to handle the removal

Taking an uninstaller maybe the best way so far to get rid of an unwanted app from the computer, including OS X, while the registry keys and caches are often left behind when removing a program on Windows OS, the preferences and caches are also usually neglected by the app removal on Mac. So, it is really a good way to take a sophisticated app removal utility to replace you perform a thorough removal for the program, and the automated removing support also can save a lot of time.

MacKeeper is a well-known multifunction app for OS X that can help the user to fix Mac issues, clean junk files, as well as remove unwanted apps, and it also allows the user to remove more then one apps at a time. And here are the tutorials about how to remove Folx with MacKeeper.

  • Open MacKeeper, select Smart Uninstaller feature in ADVANCED TOOLS
  • Find Folx on the list of Applications(click on Start Scan if you can’t find), and select it, all of its associated files (includes those Application Support files, Caches, Preferences and so on) will present on the right side


remove Folx with MacKeeper

  • Make sure all of them are selected, and then click on Remove button > Remove All to start the uninstallation


  • Till the removing process completed, you will be able to uninstall Folx thoroughly

Well, it does also work for removing Folx without any help of the other app, the removing feature on Mac enable the user to remove app on the Trash, but the complete uninstall does not only mean to trash it, and you need to perform more removal steps to totally uninstall Folx on your Mac.


Manual approach to remove Folx under OS X

1. Stop the running of Folx on your Mac

  • Right-click on the program on Dock, click on Quit to disable the program

quit Folx

  • If it is probably running at the background, please click on Go >>> Utility >>> double click to open Activity Monitor


  • Locate the Folx process on the list, click on Quick Process icon on the head menu

2. Remove Folx process

  • Click on Go, and choose Applications

Folx for Mac

  • Locate Folx on the list, and click on the remove button on the top menu, or directly drag it to the Trash to uninstall Folx

3. Clean all of its files which still remain on your Mac

Application support files

  • Click on Go, select to open Library folder
  • Click on Go to Folder…, and type specific location of Library in the box,: ~/Library/, if you can find it on the list, please just click to open it directly


  • Open Application Support folder, and clean Folx associated files inside


  • Go to Preferences folder on the Library, delete Folx’s files, generally with the program’s name


  • Similarly, go to Caches folder on the Library, have a check and delete Folx’s files inside

Folx Caches

Finally, remember to empty the Trash

Empty Trash


As we all known that manual removal and performance on the computer would contain some risk of manual error, and you also possibly remove a wrong file or perform an improper manual removal on the Mac. So, if you are not so confident about your computer skills and experiences, it is suggested to uninstall the unwanted app like remove Folx with professional uninstall tool, and the MacKeeper could be a good one for you.


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