> Remove and Uninstall Popcorn Time on Mac OS X

Remove and Uninstall Popcorn Time on Mac OS X

Published on December 21, 2017

uninstall Popcorn Time

Seems like very difficult to uninstall Popcorn Time on Mac? Or do you get any problem when removing this item on the computer? Many people in recently get the same problem of this program removal, and this post will focus on the proper way to uninstall it effectively on Mac OS X.


Popcorn Time and its removing problems

Popcorn Time is a BitTorrent client and media player that people can use to watch and download TY shows and movies online, in order to ensure the smooth and quickly watching and downloading for these projects, many files and data will be created while using it for watching or downloading the TV shows and movies. Therefore, when you need to uninstall Popcorn Time on your Mac, please make sure that all of these components are cleaned well.

So what’s wrong with your Popcorn Time removal?

Different for the Windows system users, people who using the Mac can easily remove Popcorn Time via dragging it to the Trash, but unfortunately, some problems just occur in this process and cause you unable to complete the removal smoothly. And according to many people’s experiences, the problems probably come from the following situations:

  • The program itself has been corrupted on the Mac
  • Program refuse to be removed by the uninstall process
  • Associated files or components of the application still leaving on the Mac after removal, and continue to affect the computer or start automatically.

If you cannot uninstall Popcorn Time succesfully, even though you have tried to remove it again and again, you may need to learn the proper way to get rid of it on your Mac.

Guidance about how can uninstall Popcorn Time on Mac OS X

1. Manual method to remove Popcorn Time completely
2. Uninstall Popcorn Time with MacKeeper

Manual method to remove Popcorn Time completely

Any installed program on Mac is available for being uninstalled with the built-in removing feature on the system, and you are just required to drag the program icon to the Trash, and yes, that’s it, the program uninstallation, but do you think that it has been removed thoroughly on your Mac? Absolutely not, besides taking this traditional removing way, you will need more manual actions to complete the program removal, so it will be a long and hard road.

  • Stop the running of Popcorn Time

quit Popcorn Time

  • Go to the Finder, and click on Go


  • Select Utilities on the list, and double-click on Activity Monitor on the new window


  • Check and find the Popcorn Time process on the list, and click on Quit Process
  • Remove the process on Mac: locate the program icon, and drag it to the Trash


Complete? No! – clean all of remnant files on the Library

Library folder is a place that stores those installed applications’ resource, which are used to support the effective performance of their functions, but the above removing process usually miss those files in this folder, and finally cause the incomplete removal of the program. Therefore, in order to totally uninstall Popcorn Time, you should take steps to have a check and clean all of associated files inside, which usually includes the following types of leftovers:

  • Application Support
  • Caches
  • Preferences
  • Logs
  • Containers

Open these folders in Library one by one, and delete all of files related to the Popcorn Time (also pay attention to its publisher’s name). However, there are dozens of folders in Library, and many other folders may also contains the residuary files of Popcorn Time, in this case, it seems like not so easy and effective to uninstall Popcorn Tim in this manual way, and you need to pay more time and energy to clean these leftovers.

If you don’t want to be beset with such a fussy and complex removing process, it may be a good choice for you to remove Popcorn Tim with MacKeeper.


Uninstall Popcorn Time with MacKeeper

To skip the troublesome manual removing steps and turn to use one more effective and faster way to conduct the program removal, I think MacKeeper is a good suggestion for you, it can detect and show you all the files belonging to the Popcorn Time, and allow you to uninstall it in an automatic removing process.

  • Open MacKeeper, select Smart Uninstaller feature in Advanced Tools


  • Find Popcorn Time on the list of Applications, and select it, all of its associated files (includes those Application Support files, Caches, Preferences and so on) will present on the right side

uninstall Popcorn Time on Mac

  • Make sure all of them are selected, and then click on Remove button to start the uninstallation


  • Till the removing process completed, you will be able to uninstall Popcorn Time thoroughly

Still have problems of removing the program or encounter an unexpected issue? Just call the Personal Assistant on MacKeeper, I think he will help you to resolve it.

Warm tips of optimization for Mac OS X:

Even though Mac OS X is an excellent graphical interface operating systems, it is also necessary for us to develop some habits of using the computer, especially for most users who actually are not good at computer, and it will be a big challenge for them to resolve the problem which is caused by an unknown reason. So please just get start to take good care of your Mac from completely removing a program, it will save a lot of system space and avoid many potential problems on your PC.



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