> Need to Uninstall Marco Polo on Mac? Try This Removal Way

Need to Uninstall Marco Polo on Mac? Try This Removal Way

Published on December 19, 2017

uninstall Marco Polo for Mac

Marco Polo for Mac is a wise app that allow people to automatically switch locations, and they can keep their friends close with this program. However, in some cases, the Marco Polo users might have a need to remove this application on their computers, and this is an effective way from them to uninstall Marco Polo on Mac.


Problems make you unable to uninstall Marco Polo

  • Marco Polo cannot be totally stopped and the Mac computer cannot continue the removal
  • Files or components of Marco Polo also can be found after removing it
  • Marco Polo itself is corrupted and not available for removal

Application Marco Polo is developed and published by a legitimate corporation, so it does not contain any malicious component which prevent you removing the app on your Mac, but, it also does not mean that people can uninstall Marco Polo with ease under OS X. Because of the removing bug of OS X and the app’s properties, people are usually unable to totally remove the app on Mac, instead, some associated files like the preferences and caches will be kept on the computer after the removal. Therefore, to completely remove this application, you need to get a reliable removal way as we listed below.

Manual and automatic way to uninstall Marco Polo

First way of removal: manual removal performance

Manual removal for an unwanted app is the most traditional and common way, the Mac OS X offers such a removing feature and allows the people to uninstall an app by themselves. Although it is a free option to uninstall Marco Polo, it will takes some time for you to finish the vestige removal on your Mac.

1. Stop Marco Polo Running on your Mac.

  • Step one: right-click on the program on the right corner of the top menu, click on Quit to disable the program

quit Marco Polo

  • Step two: move to the to menu of Finder, click on Go >>> Utility >>> open Activity Monitor >>> disable Marco Polo process on the list

2. Remove Marco Polo process.

  • Click on Go >>> Applications >>> drag Marco Polo to the Trash

3. Clear the files left behind.

At the top menu of Finder, click on Go >>> Go to Folder… >>> type “~/Library/” in the box >>> hit Return, open such folders as Application Support, Caches and Preferences respectively in the Library, and delete those files and folder belonging to Marco Polo. Please make sure all of belongings are cleaned up,and remember to empty the Trash finally.


Application Support

4. Empty Trash.

  • Right-click on the Trash icon, and select “Empty Trash”

Empty Trash

Marco Polo leftovers could be at many different locations on the Mac computer, so it may be not an easy task for you to find out all of them and remove completely manually. With this consideration, more and more people refer to remove the unwanted app with a sophisticated uninstaller.


Second way of removal: apply advanced uninstaller

Advanced uninstaller can perform an automatic removal for the unneeded application, more importantly, it is able to clean all of files of the program on the computer, so that people can avoid the annoying manual removal as they choose to remove the app with manual removal way. And MacKeeper is a specific tool that able to uninstall Marco Polo for the Mac users, here are the video instructions and specific details about how does it remove the app on Mac.

1. Open MacKeeper – Open it on the Launchpad/double-click it on the Applications folder
2. Go to the uninstaller’s interface – click Smart Uninstaller on the ADVANCED TOOLS section


3. Scan for the app – Click Start Scan button, after that, select Marco Polo
4. Remove Marco Polo – after selecting the application, its associated files and data will be found and revealed on the list, and you just need to click on Remove icon, and select Remove All, the program will be totally uninstalled on your Mac

remove_all select

Have other problems and issues for your Mac? MacKeeper can help you either

Due to the frequent use of Mac computer, there are generally many Mac issues happened on the machine, such as overloaded junk files, virus infection and mussy content on hard disk. Thus, a great numbers of further problems like sluggish computer performances and app crash will be caused, and unfortunately, many people just do not realize these problems or unable to handle them instantly and effectively, and they have to keep these problems and issues on the Mac. In this case, MacKeeper will be a good helper for you, in additional to remove applications like uninstall Marco Polo, it also provides a series of optimized feature like security protection, virus removal, junk file clean, files recovery and etc. If you want to handle these types of Mac issues with an automatic app, MacKeeper will not let you down.


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